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Black Actress is a “mockumentary” style web series following the life of actress Kori Bailey in her pursuit of landing her next big gig and making a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

Since coming out of her acting hiatus and breaking up with her now famous ex-boyfriend, Jared Smith, Kori is back in the acting scene and quickly learning that the highly competitive and often stressful world of auditioning is one that requires some getting used to.

Being an actress isn’t exactly easy or sane, but Kori is relentless and perseverant in her goal to make it big. And though auditions are sparse and stereotypes run wild, she refuses to get “lost in the sauce” and be classified as just another “Black Actress.”

Every episode of “Black Actress” features a candid documentary style interview with a celebrity black actress, discussing the authenticity and truth of what it’s like to be a “Black Actress”.

Season one follows Kori Bailey through all of the trials and tribulations that an actress often faces as they find their way to their big break.

Among those trials and tribulations are Kori’s dealings with bad auditions, acting class drama, self esteem issues, competing with her successful ex-boyfriend, and finding the balance between her personal and professional life.

Thankfully, Kori’s best friend, Izzy helps her remain calm and find the fun through it all.

Meanwhile, her brutally honest acting coach Tommy Hannigan, her voice of reason/nail technician Gene, and her agent, Sandie also help facilitate the chaotic and often painfully humorous life of Kori Bailey.

Are you ready for season 2? The countdown begins NOW. “Black Actress Season 2″ premieres on February 5th only on Andrea Lew’s Youtube Channel!

Check out a sneak peak from the new season below.